Christ the Redeemer Facts : Top 10 Christ the Redeemer Facts

 Christ the redeemer facts :This article will help you to know about Christ the redeemer facts at a glance. Information of the redeemer includes many of Christ the redeemer facts.
Christ the redeemer statue stands tall at the Corcovado mountain near the city of rio de janerio, Brazil. The statue is a symbol of Christianity and has become an icon of rio and Brazil.Christ the redeemer statue is considered as one of the top 10 tourist places in the world. We have put together  interesting   Christ the redeemer facts for you. Please check out  Christ the redeemer facts  and put your opinion about it !

Christ the Redeemer Facts at a glance:

* This gigantic Christ the redeemer statue has an official name- Christo Redentor and is considered 5th largest statue of Jesus in the world.Here is Christ the redeemer statue history.
* we know that the construction of the statue began in 1922 and was completed in 1931. The local engineer Heitor da silva costa created the overall design; however a French sculptor Paul landowski sculpted the Christ redeemer.
The cost of the statue was $250,000 and it was built on the donated money of the catholic community of Brazil.
* Christ the redeemer statue is 39.6 metres (130 ft) tall, including its 9.5 metres pedestal, and 30 metres wide. It weighs 635 tonnes. Its left arm points to Rio de janerio’s north zone,the right arm to the south zone.
* One of Christ the redeemer facts is that it is a symbol of peace. Christ the redeemer statue with his arms open in the statue indicates the Christ has love for all.
*Christ the redeemer statue is 700m above sea level. This statue is the tallest religious statue in the world. It takes about 220 steps to see the statue up close, however a flight of escalators was built recently to allow its older or weaker visitors to be able to get to the viewing area.
* In 2007  Christ the redeemer statue was named one of the new 7 wonders of the world.
* The best time to visit Christ the redeemer statue is one of Christ the redeemer facts. In the evening or nighttime you can enjoy a fantastic lighting system which is installed to light up the base of Christ the redeemer statue.

Those are Christ the redeemer facts for you. These interesting  facts give it a well deserved significance.Here is more about Christ the redeemer statue facts.

Christ the redeemer facts

christ the redeemer statue



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